Justin + Ashley

Justin and Ashley are a love story that has been in the works for the past 15 years. It goes way back to Mazama High when these two were school mates, but nothing more. The first time I met with them, the first thing Ashley says is, "I have had a crush on this boy for 15 years!" Turns out that she wasn't the only one of them who had a crush..  Justin felt the same way, but being the high school running back, moving in different circles, mr. cool never got the chance to tell Ashely how he felt. High school came and went, and they continued on their different paths for nearly 10 years until they found each other again, and all of those feelings came rushing back.  As they got closer and closer, Ashley opened up about her high school feelings (including showing Justin her original notebook with "Mrs. Justin Couey" written all over it) and to her surprise, he told her that he felt the same way, and just never found the right time to tell her..  So now here we are, running around their old high school where it all began, shooting their engagement photos, and loving every minute of it. These two are too much fun, and so giddy to be around each other.  Makes us so excited to shoot their summer wedding, because who wouldn't want to be a part of this much happiness? 

~ Manda