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We are Paul + Manda. We are creative photojournalists — Visual storytellers. We want to create REAL and AUTHENTIC images with you, while showcasing the incredible connections between you and the ones you love. Let’s go somewhere and create some art together.

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Proud Father. Husband. Son of God. Artist. Big Cuddler. A Little on the Hairy Side. Traveler. Lover of Light. Grammar Nazi. Book Hoarder. Avid Sports Fan. Thai Food Addict. Photography Gearhead. BJJ/Muay Thai Enthusiast. Philosopher. Theologian. Musician. Photographer.  

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We are Paul + Manda. An inseparable husband and wife team who love art. We have many loves: God, each other, our 6 children, light, traveling, exploring, creating art, witnessing the love between couples and families, the great blessing of having the opportunity to document it on camera, and of course being able to experience it with you. 

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fierce mama bear. paul's better half.  daughter of God. over thinker. light chaser. creator of art. beauty seeker. sketch book collector. singer. photographer. lover of films. counselor. comforter. great listener. fond of lowercase everything (no matter how many lectures from paul i have to endure). always ready to run away. forever wondering why john hughes couldn't direct my life.  

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We believe that every image should make you feel something — that it should tell a story. We want to create something PERSONAL for you.

We thrive on those fleeting moments, frozen in time, between you and the people you love, so you can look back 10…15…20 years from now and remember just how you felt all over again.

But let’s get real. While we do think you should choose us because you love our art, the way we capture light, and the way we document your raw emotion… that is only the half of it. The REAL reason you should choose us is because of the EXPERIENCE. We pride ourselves on the overall experience during your sessions. We are here to document who you are, not to have you look at the camera, smile, and send you on your way. We make you feel RELAXED. We make you LAUGH. We have FUN. We don’t just take your picture. We play, and sometimes get a little crazy. If this is your jam, then stop reading now, get in touch with us, and let’s create something freaking incredible together.

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"Joe and I first worked with Chutikorn Photography a few years ago when we decided to have family pictures taken. When Joe unexpectedly proposed during the session, things kind of went in a different direction. Amanda was so sweet and patient with us despite our surprise engagement. She made our moment feel so undeniably special and she captured every emotion on camera. After sharing this time with her, we both knew that we HAD to have Chutikorn Photography at our wedding. The two of us decided to get married in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The idea of having our favorite local photographer at our destination wedding seemed unrealistic due to budget concerns. As a bride, I went back and forth with photography options but using somebody who did not know Joe and I didn’t seem right to me. I knew in my heart what I wanted. I wanted someone who was genuine, who knew our story, and who we could feel 100% comfortable around to capture true moments. After a few months of negotiating ways to make it work, we tidied up the details of our contract and had booked our dream photographers!  

The day of our wedding was perfect. They captured beautiful images that far exceeded our expectations. They worked the entire day, careful not to miss any moment that might make for a gorgeous photo or memories that we might’ve been absent for. From the morning when I began with makeup, to the evening when they grabbed us for one last kiss surrounding Mexican architecture, Chutikorn Photography made sure that they got it all.  We are still in awe over the video they pieced together for us and cannot believe how perfect it is. We get to relive that day for the rest of our lives because of them. I am so grateful that we were able to have them there with us. It was truly the best wedding decision we made!"

- Briana

"I have done multiple shoots and never been dissatisfied! Manda & Paul have always captured exactly what I was hoping for. They are amazing at knowing what they want out of a photo shoot and don't stop until they have captured it! I would highly recommend them for any upcoming photo shoot. True talent and you can see it in their photography. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. Sincerely, Another happy client. ❤”

- Shreya

“We love our photos! We will definitely be recommending you guys to friends and family and will be using you when we are ready to expand our family. It's so nice to have creative photographers in town. We have a difficult time getting our photos taken and have a hard time loosening up. I don't think that's noticeable at all in these pictures. Paul, you did a great job getting us in the mood and capturing the moments, and Manda, the editing is fantastic. Thanks, again, to you both for your hard work.”

- Brea

"When my husband and I were planning our wedding, a good photographer was very important to us. We didn't want just anyone. We wanted someone with a very artistic eye - someone who would capture every detail, and every emotion and feeling in the photos. Not only that, we wanted the photos to be well edited. We wanted them to have good lighting and flawless color, and just the right balance of black and white. It may sound like we were asking for a lot, but Manda and Paul ended up being just what we were looking for! I had seen some of their work through a friend, and fell in love with their photos. It's even better when you get to meet them. They are an awesome, quirky, adventurous couple, who are so fun and easy to work with. They captured just what we wanted on our day, and the photos turned out stunning. They completely tell the story of our entire day, from getting ready, to the venue, the ceremony, ALL the dancing and other events at our reception, to when we took off in a flurry of bubbles. We truly are SO pleased with all of our photos we have had the privilege of doing with the Chutikorn’s. Amanda and Paul are amazing, sweet people, and do incredible work. We can't wait for our next shoot(s) with them."

- Sarah