What are your rates?

If pricing is what you are primarily interested in, then we might not be the right fit for you. If you value our style and the unique and artistic vision we provide, click “Book Us” and we can chat about pricing options to fit your needs.


I have noticed most of your photos include people not looking at the camera, will I get any traditional portraits at my WEDDING? 

Our main goal is to document the true feelings you experience with each other. With traditional photos with you looking at the camera, it puts a third person into the equation. Since we believe that your photos should make you feel something, that is what we want to create into your image -- a moment between you as the couple with all the people you care about, as if we weren't there. That being said, we do also get a few traditional/formal photos of you with your families on your wedding day. Just know that the ratio between our style and the traditional style will be much higher on our photojournalistic style. 


Do you have limits on how far you travel?

Absolutely not! :) We LOVE to travel and we will go anywhere you want us. We are available for destination weddings, and have passports ready to go!


Do you deliver every image you take? 

We provide you with the best images from your day that best tell the story from beginning to end. There is no reason to give you test shots, images where you are blinking, or photos with missed focus and unintentional blur. We aim for the best overall product delivery possible. 


How many photos do I get?

We don't like to give out a specific number since we are not shooting for quantity, but are shooting for quality. Because of this, the images you receive will vary. We typically deliver 400-600 images for weddings, and 35-50 images for portrait sessions.


Will you edit all of the photos?

Every single one of them. We will NEVER deliver an unfinished product. They will be carefully processed how we intended them to look.


will you be able to give me both B&W and Color versions of my photos?

No. Through the post-production process of your images, we edit them to how we envisioned them to look when we took them. If we process an image in black and white, the image is black and white for a reason. We are passionate about what we do, and this question is the equivalent of asking us to paint a portrait of you, and upon delivery, asking for it to be painted in a different color scheme all together. We know what looks best. Trust us, and we'll pour our heart and soul into your session. 


How long should I expect to wait for my photos to be done?

We care about every single photo we deliver to you, and because of this, it takes time. Turnaround time ranges anywhere from 2-3 months for weddings and 2-3 weeks for any other portrait sessions.