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THE Creative Directing Workshop // ($100)

It’s wonderful to learn new things that benefit both your personal creativity and your business. It's also so important to always want to up your game and push yourself. We're here to give you a nudge in the right direction. In this self-paced, fully-online workshop, we cover our entire mindset going into our sessions. We don't hold anything back. We will uncover many tools you'll need to take your photography to the next level. We're here to give you the tools to be more artistic and confident with every photo you take. So spend some time with us and hit the ground running! 

We cover various topics including:

  • Base poses

  • Handling various lighting situations

  • Getting authentic looking images

  • Setting up creative shots

  • Specific tools we use to get creative images in-camera

  • Making all of your photos more dynamic

  • Artistic compositional techniques

  • Working with couples

  • Working with individuals

  • Staying inspired

  • Shooting family sessions... and more!



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The Creative Directing Workshop + 30-minute Image & Website Critique Session // ($200)

With this option, you will get full access to the Creative Directing Workshop, PLUS get 30 minutes with one of us, over Skype, going through your image portfolio and offering advice on how to improve your photos, as well as going over your website to optimize it for clients. You can also use this time to speak 1x1 with us to talk about any topics within the workshop to get an even more hands-on approach.