Lemonade & Lenses - June Boudoir Issue

So excited and super honored to be in the June issue of Lemonade & Lenses.  It's a really amazing feeling to share what we do, and what we LOVE with all of you.  We are so incredibly blessed, and thankful always for everything we have, and what God's plan is for us. We cannot wait to see what's ahead... and we're so happy to have you along for the journey.

As you know this issue is all about the art of boudoir photography! Our particular article is focused on playing with natural light. We loved writing this. While we do use artificial light now and then, we are typically in a natural light frame of mind most of the time. It's a skill you really need to get ahold of early on in this business, as we almost never know what sort of space we'll be working in ahead of time. Some of the spaces we've worked in have been very dark, or very small and you really have to find the light. You've got to think on your feet. It's so important to play with the light. Try different angles, see how you feel about a harsher light, and maybe take a few steps back until you hit that super flattering soft window light. Of course have fun with it, and experiment, you know we do ;) 

If you want to know more about what our thoughts are on working with natural light, then go grab a copy at www.lemonadeandlenses.com/issues/june-2015/ 

~ Paul + Manda