Paul + Manda

We are Paul and Manda. An inseperable husband and wife team who love art. We have many loves: God, each other, our 4 children, humankind, light, traveling, exploring, creating art, witnessing the love between couples and families, the great blessing of having the opportunity to document it on camera, and of course being able to experience it with you. 




Proud Father. Husband. Son of God. Artist. Big Cuddler. A Little on the Hairy Side. Traveler. Lover of Light. Grammar Nazi. Book Hoarder. Avid Sports Fan. Thai Food Addict. Photography Gearhead. BJJ Student. Philosopher. Theologian. Musician. Photographer.  



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fierce mama bear.  paul's better half.  daughter of God. over thinker. light chaser. creator of art. beauty seeker. sketch book collector. singer. photographer. lover of films. counselor. comforter. great listener. fond of lowercase everything (no matter how many lectures from paul i have to endure). always ready to run away. forever wondering why john hughes couldn't direct my life.